The best way to keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio

coinapse gives you an insignt into all your cryptocurrency investments. coinapse calculates the detailed price based on the day of your transaction for your entire portfolio all in one place.


Amazing Features

We are constantly working on new updates and features. This is what you can expect from us. More coming soon ...

User Friendly

coinapse is focused on a clean design giving users what they need on tracking your crypto-portfolio without distractions.

Mobile Friendly

coinapse is a mobile-first development. Just use your mobile device to use the entire functionality.

Advanced imports

coinapse use the api from your exchange market to import your trades, deposits and withdrawal history.

Readonly Access

coinapse just need read only access to your exchange market. We don't trigger any transactions.

Exchanges integrations

coinapse integrates the common exchange markets, e.g. binance, bitfinex, coinbase. More added soon.

Realtime calculations

coinapse calculates the export price, balances, profit/loss of all your trades in your own currency.

Wallets overview

coinapse identifies a wallet transaction and labels it in your trade history.

Exchange tracking

coinapse identifies transactions between two and more exchange markets.


Choose your plan

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  • All exchanges
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Premium plan


  • Unlimited imports
  • All exchanges
  • Trading alerts
  • Multiple exchanges
  • Support
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